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Home Industry Certification Procedure


Food product that consumed to people must be safe from dangerous ingredients, such chemical, biological, and physical contamination. To ensure food security to the consumer, then it need a system for coaching and registration.

Especially to the producers, to have Home Industry Certificate (SPP – IRT) and the requirement as follows :
1.      Submit application : To Local Government Cq. Head of city health department (Dinkes Kabupaten/Kota)
2.      Requirements :
1.1    Owner / Insurer have SIUP / TDI from Trade Ministry, Food Safety education certificate by City Health department (Sertifikat Penyuluhan Keamanan Pangan dari Dinkes Kabupaten/Kota) or minimum 1 (one) person have the Certificate (PKP Certificate) – if they don’t have it, the company must appoint one of their staff according to His/Her job to attend the Food Safety education training.
1.2    Production facility has been inspected by  teh City Health Department (Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten/Kota) the result report of Facility Inspection with minimum result is enough.
1.3    The product cannot in form : Milk and it’s processed, Meat, fish, fowl and it’s processed that needs to be processed and frozened. Canned food with low acid (PH >4,5) baby food, alcoholic drink, bottled water (AMDK) other kind of food that must be qualified with Food SNI  requirement, set by BPOM.
2.      Information about PKP Certificate. Certificate number consist of 3 (three) columns and 9 (nine) digits, exp: 123/4567/89
-          First three number on column 1, show labour sequence , second four numbers on column II show Provinsi dan Kabupaten kota, last two numbers on column III, show publication year.
3.      Home Industry Food Production Certificate (SPP – IRT) is given to 1 one kind of product, it consist of  12 twelve digits :
-          First 1 one number show type of packaging code
-          2 two second number show type of product sequence number
-          4 four third number show provinsi and Kabupaten kota code
-          2 two forth number show product sequence number which already obtain SPP-IRT
-          Last three number show PP-IRT at Kabupaten kota connected to Home Industry be include in food label exp: P – IRT No. 20634710202

Information :
2 = Plastic packaging
06 = Food group of Flour and it’s processed, product type is Biscuit
3471 = Province code is DIY, kota Yogyakarta
02 = sequence number which already obtain SPP-IRT
025 = Last three number show PP-IRT at Kabupaten kota connected to Home Industry (Yogyakarta)
5.   Revocation and cancellation SPP-IRT by DinKes kabupaten Kota if the owner or insurer has done a   violation in food regulation, the owner doesn’t match to the name that is written on the SPP-IRT, food product proven injured or harmfull for consumer.
6.   Alteration and increasement food type. SPP-IRT owner or insurer alteration must be reported to Dinkes Kabupaten Kota.  ***
7.   Province code, Kabupaten kota
8.   Home industry product food type code.
      01   = Meat and it’s processed
      02   = Fish and it’s processed
      03   = Fowl and it’s processed
      04   = Vegetable and it’s processed
      05   = Coconut and it’s processed
      06   = Flour and it’s processed
      07   = Fried Oil and it’s processed
      08   = Jam and it’s processed
      09   = Sugar, honey, brown sugar, syrup
      010 = Chocolate, coffee, tea
      011 = Kinds of spice
      012 = Kinds of herbs spice
      013 = Light drinks
      014 = Fruits and it’s processed
      015 = Grains and roots and it’s processed
      016 = Ice, Rock Ice, Ice Juice, Stick Ice
9.   Packaging code
      1. Glass P-IRT/MD
      2. Plastics P-IRT/MD
      3. Carton / Paper P-IRT/MD
      4. Tetrapack must MD
      5. Can must MD
      6. Alumunium foil P-IRT/MD
      7. Composite must MD
      8. Double P-IRT/MD
      9. Others P-IRT
10. Home Industry that have SP Number for produced product, it still apply exp: Dep. Kes RI SP.  No. 382/ 12.03 / 2000
Source : Balai Besar POM Yogyakarta

Additional Information about PIRT (from DINKES another city)
1.      Lisencing regulation : The lisencing is about PIRT – Home Industry Lisencing
2.      Requirements : Comply to Food safety counseling, fill up application form, copy of ID, Picture ID 3x4, attach label design
3.      Procedure : After submit the application for PIRT certificate to The Head of local Health Departement. Will be documents checking (1 one day), and wait for the counsel for food safety conducted every 3 three months (1 one to 3 three months the applicants must attend to the counseling (1 one day) Production facility checking (in 1 one to 14 forteen days). The applicants pay the fee. The certificates will issued in 1 one day, total time 6 six days to 3 three months
4.      Validity period : No limits
5.      Exceptions : Cannot approved if  the product related to Milk, meat, fish, fowls and it’s processed that needs to be processed and keep in cold storage. Canned food, baby foos, alchoholic drinks, bottled water (AMDK) oter food that must applied to other food SNI set by BPOM

6.      Administrative sanction : Broke the regulation in food area, the Owner name is not match with the food safety certificate, and the product is not suitable for consumption.

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